Are Swearwords REALLY necessary?

IMG_6857.jres jpg
  The closest I could get to a painting of a ship 

I have just read a blog by a presumably successful blogger who liked my blog –which I am grateful for.  I just can’t understand why every second word has to be a swear word or  if not a swear word then a derogatory word.  Do we need to put the word SHIT into every sentence.

I know that that word is NOT a swear word.  It is an acronym which originated in the 1800’s .  Apparently there were often fires started in the holds of ships going to the East from England.   They used to take horses, and of course with horses there are always the problems of the , yes, shit.  As anyone who has had a horse knows. This manure has to be shoveled away every day so that it cannot cause foot rot in the horses.

This pile of manure quickly builds up and becomes very hot and can combust causing the fire and much damage to the ship.
Eventually it was found that if the manure was stored higher up in the ship, where the air could get to it, it was much safer.  The letters S H I T were stamped on all containers of horse food as well.
Store High In Transit.

I wish I also had a story for the F word.  That is just vulgar. What more can I say.
Old fashioned?  Maybe, but there are OTHER words which would be as effective and more classy.
Just my views.

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