Every Painting Has A Home


Years ago we paid a visit to Malta.
Coming from South Africa where the rivers are always brown after rain, I   could not get over the colour of the water around Malta.  Translucent, turquoise, shimmering.  Beautiful.   On arriving back home I had to get it down on canvas.
‘Mediterranean Mood’ lived with us for many years.  I think that I did not actually WANT to part with it.  However today it found a new home and the lovely person who bought it is so chuffed with it, that I happily let it go.
One puts so much of yourself into your paintings. You make yourself extremely vulnerable by doing so, until after a time, you can pass off the snide comments and realise that the people who pass those comments usually do not paint, so are not worth listening to.

Now to another topic.  I have a website on which I put the odd blog and then I have this one.  Can’t understand how that happened.  Hence the tardiness in writing on this ‘blog site’  Thank you to the few folk who have decided to join my site,  I will try to be more diligent.

In the meanwhile please check out my website for more paintings.  Thank you for your interest and participation.  My website is:  www.lizmcqueensart.com   You can subscribe right here.  Have fun.