Every Painting Has A Home


Years ago we paid a visit to Malta.
Coming from South Africa where the rivers are always brown after rain, I   could not get over the colour of the water around Malta.  Translucent, turquoise, shimmering.  Beautiful.   On arriving back home I had to get it down on canvas.
‘Mediterranean Mood’ lived with us for many years.  I think that I did not actually WANT to part with it.  However today it found a new home and the lovely person who bought it is so chuffed with it, that I happily let it go.
One puts so much of yourself into your paintings. You make yourself extremely vulnerable by doing so, until after a time, you can pass off the snide comments and realise that the people who pass those comments usually do not paint, so are not worth listening to.

Now to another topic.  I have a website on which I put the odd blog and then I have this one.  Can’t understand how that happened.  Hence the tardiness in writing on this ‘blog site’  Thank you to the few folk who have decided to join my site,  I will try to be more diligent.

In the meanwhile please check out my website for more paintings.  Thank you for your interest and participation.  My website is:  www.lizmcqueensart.com   You can subscribe right here.  Have fun.



Where has it gone?

Coffee Break

Coffee Break
Coffee Break

After going for a coffee break, I found that there were a couple of replies to my last post.
Where is that post.???  I cannot find it and it is not on my WordPress website.
http://www.lizmcqueensart.com.  So has it flown away like many of my other articles and
precious documents have done.

I would really love to find the place where all of these have gone to.  My husband had to re-start the book that he is writing 5 times as each time it has just vanished.  Now  he backs it up in 3 different places.

I wonder if it is all in the Stratosphere?  There seems to be a lot of space up there to
store things that have vanished.   It is above the clouds, so things stored in the clouds will not be there.  Just wonder.

If you like my painting above then I am pleased.  If you would like it to grace your home I would even be more pleased.  Otherwise just enjoy it.  Provided this mail does not also disappear into the ever never.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can find it?

Let’s Try Again

  1. IMG_5304 res

    Follow My Leader
    The boffins all tell you that to get into Blogging, you have to try to get people to know you.  Now who would be interested in someone like me?  A very ordinary, elderly, passionate painter, who lives in South Africa near the Kruger Park and is always very aware of her surroundings as it is a beautiful part of the world..
    I feel rather like the painting above; sort of all over the show. This started off as a collage and ended up being a sort of abstract.  I called it SAFE HARBOUR.  It is available if anyone would like to take it home with them…..for a fee of course.

    I worked as  a pharmacist locum for many years and in 2000 decided that things were becoming very impersonal and not what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing.  The days of hugging your customers and crying with them when they told you their troubles was over.  Now people stood in a queue and became a number.  The personal touch had gone.  I was 60 and it was time to pack it up.

    Purely by accident, I happened to meet a lady at the hairdressers and we got chatting, When I asked her what she did, she said ,”I teach art.”  I had never ever considered painting as a hobby, had not had any art at school and could not draw (I thought).
    A little voice said to me, “DO IT!!”.  So I said, “I think I would like to do that.” She told me that she had a two year waiting list but would put my name down.  Two weeks later  she phoned to tell me that she had a cancellation. It was February 2000.

       What bliss those lessons were.   I was with Estelle for 6 years until she moved to the Cape.  SUDDEN SHOCK!  I was on my own.  Could I cope?  What should I do? Who would help me?   I realised that it is a good thing to have to depend on your own motivation and discipline.  Many good books, after about 15 years I now have You Tube.  What more could one want.  A ‘job’ I cannot wait to get to in the morning, a very helpful and supportive husband, and an opportunity to share my inspiration with others.
    What a life!
    Check out my website for more:  www.lizmcqueensart.com
    Till next time.  Thank you for reading this.